How to Hide Man Boobs

Effective way to hide men's boobsMen love boobs as long as they are in women and not them. When a man gets overweight, hey get too much flesh around the chest area. In some cases, men suffer from gynecomastia, a medical condition where a man’s breasts have excess tissue. Though being over weight plays a major role in enlarging the male breasts, there are some medications that can cause the condition. You need to seek treatment and options available to eliminate the breasts tissues that make your chest full similar to a woman’s. Here are some ideas on how to hide man boobs and maintain a male appearance.

Compress the boobs

There are compression shirts that are made for men and provide a good base layer to conceal unwanted chest bump.  Make sure you go for one that keeps you comfortable. It should not be very tight.

Use small patterned shirts

Small patterns can help you camouflage the chest area and hide the boobs. Be sure to select the patterns carefully as they must look manly. Dark colors are the best and they will create an illusion of a flat chest.

Thick fabrics

Clothes made of thick fabric helps to hide the boobs. This is usually excellent especially during the cold season. However, if it’s during a temperate season, wear tightly woven textiles and they hide the boobs. The shirts should be rigid or starchy but not too thin or feathery.

Get your right fit

Some men make the mistake of wearing baggy shirts. It does not hide the flaws and will actually make the boobs look bigger than they are.  Very tight clothing will also reveal the boobs and make you feel uncomfortable all day. Get a properly fitting shirt and it will give you the peace of mind you need. Spend a little and buy something that will not cause you more stress than the boobs.

Avoid contrasting colors

Avoid colors that contrast. It is tempting to wear two colors that contrast and match in a beautiful way, but thy ends up showing off your upper body so clearly. Monochromatic dressing makes you look slim and elegant.

Avoid white

White shirts and t-shirts make your upper body look bigger than it is. Try to wear dull colors that match with your lower body clothing. Though they will not make you look smaller, they will give a sharp look that will make the boobs go unnoticed.

Pinstripes will make you slim

Suits give you a slim appearance and pinstripes are the best. The unbroken vertical lines from the neck to he toe makes you look slim.  Avoid suits that have large prints because they fatten you.

These few ideas can help you dress confidently as you work on removing chest fat and unwanted boobs.